Why Naturopathy? (Part 3)

Why Naturopathy? (Part 3)

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Do you remember your last gut-wrenching experience? Or the last time you had butterflies in your belly?

You probably thought your anxiety or nerves were causing the upset stomach. But did you know that it’s the other way around?⁣

Your gut is actually your second brain. It reacts to stressors in your environment just like your brain does and the 2 communicate with each other.

Research is now showing that your enteric nervous system (the one that controls your digestion) might be causing your anxiety. Which is why so many people with IBS often have PTSD, anxiety and depression. And it goes the other way too! Feeling emotions like excitement, stress, sadness and nervousness also impact your gut. ⁣

Probiotics can help regulate the bacteria in the gut. To help support the probiotics, your diet needs to include lots of fiber and prebiotics. That includes garlic, oats, apples, flaxseed, wheat bran and even seaweed!⁣

This gut-brain-axis is how your gut communicates with your brain and sends signals that can either lead to excitement or anxiety⁣.

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