Why Naturopathy? (Part 4)

Why Naturopathy? (Part 4)

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Be careful where you get your advice from!

You need to be wary if you’re mixing your family doctor’s prescription with the health store clerks advice. While both may have your best interest at heart, they do not have equal education and qualifications!

There are lots of nutritional supplements that can help regulate your mood and manage your mental health. But natural doesn’t always mean good!

5-HTP can be great for migraines, anxiety and depression but it can’t be mixed with Valium, birth control pills or Xanax.

L-theanine is great for anxiety and panic attacks but can’t be mixed with blood pressure medications or Sudafed!

St Johns wort is great for chronic depression but it can’t be mixed with Xanax, birth control pills or Prozac.

Take what your health store clerk says with a grain of salt. Lots of supplements interact with medications!

You need to be careful with what you take if you’re on medications prescribed for your anxiety by your doctor.

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