Massage Therapy Reducing Stress

Massage Therapy Reducing Stress

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Massage Therapy Reducing Stress. It helps to lower the heart rate, relax muscles, and release endorphins.

You can use:

Deep Tissue Massage

Focuses on the deeper layers within soft tissues.
Stress can often be caused by a buildup of tension withing muscles that restricts movement and increases pain.
Deep tissue massage aims to relieve tension by stretching and spreading muscle fibres and tissues to relax and loosen muscle.

Swedish Massage

The main aim is to relax a person both physically and mentally through the manipulation of muscles.
Encourages them to relax and stretch to relieve any tightness or tension, reducing physical stress.
Tightness and tension can cause pain, increasing stress levels.

Therapeutic Massage

Uses gentle pressure on areas containing soft tissues.
The main aim is relaxation.
Stress levels increase when relaxation is poor.
Also increase anxiety, tension build-up, and muscular knots.
Increases localized blood flow by increasing tissue elasticity.


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